Signs that You Need to Get Exhaust Repair

In many cases, it's very obvious when you need exhaust repair. This is because most of the time, a damaged exhaust system will be very loud. When your car sounds more like a fighter plane than a vehicle meant for the road, it's definitely time to let Kingsman Transmissions & Total Car Care take a look. We will almost surely find a failed muffler, a hole in the pipe leading to the muffler, or both.

Sometimes, however, it is not as clear when you need exhaust repair. If there is a hole in the line past the muffler, it will not make the car sound louder. Therefore, you may not realize there is a problem unless you do something like back up while the windows are closed. Then, you might smell a whiff of exhaust inside the car. You may also catch random whiffs of this odor at other times. These scents are letting you know that exhaust is leaking from the system before it can reach the end of the tailpipe.

A final sign that you need exhaust repair is if you have your car emissions tested and the vehicle fails. Then, the catalytic converter is probably the problem. This is a component of the exhaust system and is meant to convert some of the fumes into less polluting forms.

Another sign of a failed catalytic converter is a sulfur smell, often incorrectly identified as that of rotten eggs. While anyone who has actually smelled real rotten eggs will tell you that a dead catalytic converter smells much nicer than those, the fact remains that the odor is distinctive and means it's time for a new converter. 

Have a mechanic near me such as Kingsman Transmissions & Total Car Care check out any suspected exhaust problems. Avoiding the issue too long could lead to serious issues for your car and for your body.