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Do I Need to See a Mechanic if the Check Engine Light Comes On?

Some people drive for years with the check engine lights in their cars shining away. They may even put a piece of tape over it if it annoys them. Is this how you should respond if your check engine light comes on? The truth is that the best person to answer that is an auto mechanic, like the experts at Kingsman Transmissions & Total Car Care. 

If the light is ignored without checking on it, it can indeed turn out that there is something very serious wrong with the car and you can end up stranded or even cause a serious accident. A car mechanic near me, like Kingsman, can check out the situation, and it usually won't be long before the results are known. 

One way to test this is to attach a diagnostic computer to the car and see which error codes come up. Anything that lights the check engine light will also cause codes to be recorded in the car's computer, so there will definitely be some sort of result when tested this way.

Once the codes are obtained, we will cross reference them with the relevant parts. Some of the possible results could be problems with the catalytic converter, misfiring, or even faulty sensors. Those who ignore their check engine lights and have no troubles from doing so have usually learned that faulty sensors were causing the issue.

Misfiring, on the other hand, can be an omen of bad things to come. It can be caused by problems like stretched timing belts, damaged spark plugs, or even a failed head gasket. Then, repair is definitely needed. Regardless of what your check engine light may mean, Kingsman Transmissions & Total Car Care is here to take care of you. Give us a call today to see what we can offer you.

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